Oversize printing

  • Print (8c and full ton colors) up to 1.440 dpi resolution
  • Print width up to 5.40 m
  • Widths with almost invisible welding
  • Comprehensive range of material:
    • polyester, vinyl, and mesh network planning
    • plastic films (e.g., backlight)
    • UV-stable
    • B1-Specification for Indoor-/exhibition adoption
  • Production for at least 1 piece
  • Rollups 150 cm to 200 cm width / displays / positioner
  • Buy and borrow
  • Short delivery time (5-10 days)

Maximum impact with the greatest possible flexibility,
technically optimal implementation and ease of use ...

imm puts you in to the picture! This starts with the usual large-format printing for every possible application and leads to specific solutions, if it does not go off the shelf.

Speaking about RollUps: You do not even have to buy! You can borrow it. This protects the budget and the storage room.

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